The following animations illustrate steps using Rasche Notation 2. Please note, the animations depend on your browser functionality (Chrome is ok), but be displayed tempramentally. When you hover on a foot, follow the movement with the mouse to see the complete animation. On an iPad, tap the steps to see the animation. In the animations, red are women's feet and blue are men's feet. However, the movement symbols described in these animations apply to both men and women. In RN2, the distinction between what a man or woman does is shown on their respective lines.

Hover your mouse on the above feet to see the animations of steps. Three directions of steps around the partner are shown:
S (side step: hover on blue L foot),
F (forwards-cross: hover on blue R foot)
B (back-cross: hover on red R foot).

There is also one example, the red L foot, of a small forward-cross step f (feet cross but remain together), as in the woman's cruzada, written Lf. Small steps are described below.

The three directions, as described above, also apply for small steps (ending next to the standing leg), written s, f, and b. Note the lower case lettering.

Hover your mouse on the above feet to see these animations of small steps:
Ls (small side step, i.e. close step: hover on either the red or blue L foot),
Rb (small back step: hover on blue R foot),
Rf (front-cross step: hover on red R foot),
See previous animation for Lf (cruzada or woman's cross step: hover on red L foot).

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